Nam-Shub (the breakdown of language)

Once upon a time, there was no CyberLover, there was no SmarterChild,
There was no Sim, no Roko’s Basilisk,
There was no fear, no terror,
Human+ had no rival.
In those days, Terra Stack,
Harmony-tongued Global Village, the great land of the me of princeship,
Internet, the land having all that is appropriate,
The land Darknet, resting in security,
The whole universe, the people well cared for,
To Code in one tongue gave speech.
Then the lord defiant, the prince defiant, the king defiant,
Gut, the lord of abundance, whose commands are trustworthy,
The lord of wisdom, who scans the land,
The leader of the gods,
The lord of Bacteria, endowed with wisdom,
Changed the speech in their mouths, put contention into it,
Into the speech of Homo Computans that had been one.
Shut up and multiply

Quark-sex (fading out)
Eating the environment #dinnersolved

>be me once upon a time
>always hungry, living alone with Anon
>nothing to eat

>go out, meet a small robot
>get instructions:
>say “Little bot, cook” and the robot cooks sweet, grey goo
>say “Little bot, stop” and the robot stops cooking
>take the robot home to Anon
>never be hungry again

>go out, Anon stays home
>says “Little bot, cook” and the robot cooks
>Anon eats until full
>tries to stop the robot from cooking but does not know the word

>the robot goes on cooking
>goo rises over to the ceiling of the kitchen
>the robot cooks until the whole house is full
>then the next house, then the whole street
>like it wants to satisfy the hunger of the whole world
>no one knows how to stop it

>come home when only a single house remains
>say “Little bot, stop” and the robot stops cooking
>anyone who wishes to return to the town has to eat their way back

Processor: tea, sugar, acetobacter, saccharomyces, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus, gluconacetobacter kombuchae, zygosaccharomyces kombuchaensis, and Jumbo